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High Performance – Direct Email Marketing

Direct email marketing has many advantages over advertising in other media. In particular, direct email marketing allows you to test, track, and analyze your results for each campaign, allowing you greater flexibility with your marketing campaigns. When you work with a leading, permission-based email marketing company such as eMail Networks, you will benefit from a team that will help you create a custom email marketing campaign where we can track the exact results of your campaign, allowing us to refine it until we can provide you with a maximum return.

As an e-mail Networks direct email marketing customer, you will be able to integrate the following into your direct email marketing campaign:

Campaign Optimization

Through our state of the art tracking technology, you will be able to quickly optimize your direct email campaign, based on real-time statistics. You can by target segments that are responding to your campaign for additional contact. You can also modify your direct email marketing campaign, based on the segments or offers that produced the best results.

Results Tracking

eMail Networks’ system of tracking and analyzing direct email marketing campaigns allows you to identify subscribers who opened your email message, as well as those who clicked-through from the message on a particular link. From there, the recipients’ behavior is tracked through the landing page of the web site, into the rest of the site. Sales conversions and inquiries for more information are also tracked and analyzed.

One-to-One Marketing

The direct email marketing technology available to clients of e-mail Networks enables you to easily and quickly create one-to-one marketing offers to individual customers. All messages go to a single individual tracking level, after being analyzed in segments.

Real Time Analytical Tools

Statistical reports of each direct email marketing campaign are displayed in real time. This allows you and the direct email marketing experts at eMail Networks to evaluate and measure the results of each campaign based on a number of specific parameters.

Campaign Comparison

Our direct email marketing tracking technology enables you to compare various campaigns when viewing your statistics. eMail Networks’ campaign comparison tool allows you to compare open rates, bounce rates and click-thru rates of several campaigns in one easy report.

Reach Customers with our Advanced Email Technology

With our advanced email technology, you’ll be miles ahead of the competition, in regards to your direct email campaigns. eMail Networks’ tracking technology for direct email marketing campaigns, specifically, enables you to track the following variables in your campaign:

Emails sent: The total number of emails sent in your campaign.

Delivered: Indicates the number of emails that reached your intended recipients (i.e., the total number of emails sent, less bounces).

Opened: The email was delivered, received, and viewed by the recipient.

Unsubscribe: The recipient requested to be removed from your email list. The contact record still exists, however, in compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act – the system will no longer send emails or newsletters to that address.

Hard Bounce: The system attempted to send the email, but it was undeliverable due to an invalid or non-existent email address. (After an email address accumulates three hard bounces, that address will be automatically supressed.)

Soft Bounce: The system attempted to send the email, but it was temporarily undeliverable. The system will attempt to deliver to this address for the next 24 hours..

Clickers: The number of recipients who clicked at least one link in your email.

Total Clicks: The total number of unique clicks generated by an email (statistics also display total number of non-unique clicks – multiple clicks per recipient).

Sales or Conversions: The number of individual sales produced by an email.

Total Sales: The total dollar amount in sales generated by the email campaign.

Sales Per Email: The average dollar amount in sales resulting from each individual email.

Conversion Rate: The percent of conversions, or sales produced by the campaign.

Forwards: The number of recipients who forwarded an email, the percentage of forwarders for the campaign, and the total number of forwards.

Analyzing Metrics in Email Marketing


The basic metrics to consider in direct email marketing are the click through rate and the conversion rate. While the click through rate shows that the direct email marketing message was successful in motivating the recipient to “click through” to the web site, the conversion rate shows how many recipients of the message actually became customers. Sometimes the conversion rate could apply to customers taking another action you motivated them to take, such as filling out a request to be contacted by your company. These statistics can help you determine how well your message is designed and structured, and how effective your offer is in motivating recipient response.

e-mail Networks are experts at accurate analysis of these metrics. This ensures that your direct email marketing campaigns are the most effective they can be, and are constantly being optimized. Optimized campaigns result in greater conversion rates, and revenues for your business.

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