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At e-Mail Networks you will find the specialists to help you create an effective, custom email marketing plan for your business or organization. We simplify permission-based email marketing for our clients and tailor each one to meet their distinct needs. Our superior technology and experience in the industry give our clients a clear advantage, so that the end-result is a higher return.

A Strong Record of Success

E-mail Networks, a leading email online marketing company, has established a strong record of success, creating an individual and a personalized email marketing solution for our clients. Our level of service is top-of-the-line and focused on our client’s needs. In fact, each and every phase of our process is developed based on our client’s particular strategic objectives for their email marketing initiative.

The phases of a custom e-mail marketing solution that we specialize in include:

Mail event setup: TCreate event-based messaging for effective marketing. Whether using a Birthday Club to increase traffic and grow your database, or creating a triggered message campaign following an order or transaction, e-Mail Networks can help to set up your event-based message campaigns.

HTML development: The message is developed HTML message from start to finish. This includes graphics that enhance the effectiveness of the message. Branding is also strengthened by the graphics and HTML created for the message.

Data import and export: Data is imported or exported within the E-Mail Networks system or other operating systems.

Content development: As part of an effective e-mail marketing solution, content is developed utilizing our years of experience and industry knowledge to achieve superior results. Effective email Internet marketing drives revenues and deepens customer relationships. Attempting to create an email marketing solution without this marketing and technical expertise can jeopardize the results and ROI of the campaigns.

Campaign Development: Our e-mail marketing solutions are custom developed and designed to generate revenue, and to develop the relationship with your existing customers, potential customers or other audience.

Reporting and Analysis: As part of effective email Internet marketing, we develop custom reports and analyze the results of each campaign to provide customer intelligence. This intelligence enables us to continue to optimize the campaign, creating an email marketing solution that is more effective at generating revenue and ROI.

Inbound message processing: We handle the processing and handling of all incoming e-mails from the recipients of the campaigns. A complete e-mail marketing solution includes: setting up filters; developing and deliver canned messages; processing change of address and unsubscribe messages; and forwarding any responses that can not be handled by the automated system for individual attention.

Surveys: If surveys are a part of the custom e-mail marketing solution for you company, we will develop comprehensive surveys, deliver them, analyze survey results, and give recommendations.

Website Hosting: Many clients find it simple to have a complete email marketing solution, including web site hosting and monitoring services. This enables us to easily gather web traffic and other statistics, as well as campaign-specific data.

Email Hosting: In addition, to provide a "one stop" e-mail marketing solution, we also provide e-mail POP3 hosting and set-up services for your company.

Web based email accounts: No email service would be complete without having e-mail access from any web browser for our clients as part of a total email marketing solution.

Direct Mail/fulfillment: When multi-channel campaigns are implemented, in conjunction with email Internet marketing campaigns, we provide the printed materials and direct mailing services that create the total campaign.

Email Consulting Services: If you elect to use your own internal servers to send and receive the email messages, we conduct a general review of your current receiving and sending systems, as part of a total e-mail marketing solution.