eMail Networks is a San Diego based company that provides self service and full service, permission based ( opt in ) email marketing and e-communication services for businesses and organizations around the globe. We provide the experience, technology, and strategic planning necessary to ensure that our clients have successful email marketing campaigns.

Why Use Us?

Our email marketing system is the industry leader, serving many types of organizations by providing them with cost effective email communications. The system allows organizations to spend pennies on the dollar while utilizing technology that will change the future of business and school communications.


Our Technology

We provide a hosted, web based application (ASP) for planning, executing and measuring email campaigns.

Our Experience

We have over 10 years of email communication experience and marketing experience working with many types of organizations.

Our Service

We provide a level of service and training that will meet or exceed your expectations.

The eMail Networks system allows you to deliver your information and messages to your subscribers using your existing logos and organization’s “look and feel”.  eMail Networks will work with your organization to build a customizable form that captures the email addresses and interests of clients, customers and members. You will have the ability to better understand how to service your consumers’ needs. You will also have the ability to segment and communicate to specific clients, customers and members.

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