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Email Results Reporting Best Reports for Executive Summary

One of the most common client support questions after Black Friday email sending is “What are the best reports to use for a year end Email Program Executive Report?” Well here are some ideas that may help. Of course, the Statistical Charts provides a wealth of Executive Summary type information and charts by date range.  […]

How to Size Ads for Website and Email Campaigns

Ad Image Sizing Suggestions for your Website and Email Ad Campaigns Ready to do some on-line or in email ads?  Call us for assistance.  Here is some information to get your project started. The standard “acceptable file” formats: .GIF, .JPG, .JPEG, .PNG  Suggested file size limits: 150 KB or less for all files. Standard ad […]

Increase Your Instagram Engagement

How Businesses Can Get More Engagement on Instagram Instagram is definitely the place for pictures. So if your business is a photography studio you should have joined Instagram long back! But, Instagram is not just about who has the best photography it is an awesome way to showcase your brand, tell your story and interact […]

Email Bounce Code List for eMarketers

Email Bounce Code List for eMarketers The most commonly used bounce codes are noted in bold below: 0    Unknown 2    Email Send Error 10    Email address is invalid or not active, no such mailbox exists 20    General Soft Bounce 21    Soft Bounce – DNS Failure 22    Mailbox Full 23    Message Too Large for mailbox recipient […]

HTML Email Design Guidelines

HTML Email Design Guidelines Email Layout Guidelines When designing your own template, please keep the following specifications in mind: Designed HTML email templates should not be wider than 700 pixels. Many email programs are unable to display wider templates properly. Use basic HTML 4.0 when customizing your own email message. The following are discouraged: scripting, […]

Create Bullet Proof Image Padding

Create Bullet-proof Image Padding Is your email message text wrapping too closely to your image? If you so, you might need to make some small formatting adjustments to get just the right amount of white space between text and images.  A lot of email marketers rely on “image padding” in the HTML code to accomplish […]

Tips for Consistent Paragraph Spacing in Your Email Templates

Consistent Paragraph Spacing in Your Emails The amount of white space between paragraphs can change depending on the email client (Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook, etc) where the email is viewed. Yahoo will take out all paragraph spacing while Outlook will add more spacing (see screenshots below). To ensure consistent display across email clients, we recommend adding […]

Five Tips to Increase Your Email Click-Through Rates

Email marketing is the perfect tool to increase your website traffic or conversion rates. Email recipients will click the hyperlinks in your well designed email. Here are 5 tips to help you increase your email’s click-through rates: 1. Ensure your emails are opened Admittedly, this sounds obvious, but it isn’t as easy as it seems. […]

You have email subscribers, now what?

SUMMARY: Email subscribers can be skittish and wary, particularly after just signing up for your email list. A recent MarketingSherpa webinar, “Three Strategies to Convert New Subscribers to Loyal Buyers,” focused on three tactics for optimizing your email campaign to create long-term relationships with subscribers. In this webinar recap, learn to ease new subscribers’ fears […]

Using Triggered Email Messages to Entice Your Customers

You can increase client response and eCommerce conversion by using the Triggered Email Message” feature our White Cloud eMail Marketing system.  Here is an example of how one business increased their response: Goldfig Travel caters to both consumers and business customers looking to book high-end, upscale travel. The company’s business clients are unique in that […]