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Creating Mobile Versions of an Email Message

How to Create a Mobile Version of an Email Message As more people now regularly view their emails on smart phones and tablets, email rendering on mobile devices has become a crucial part of email marketing success.  Our email system delivers a reduced version of you main email to iPhones and PDA devices unless you […]

Inserting and Editing Images in eMail Networks

Insert and Edit Images In order to insert an image, simply press the  button on the toolbar. Click Browse Server to upload the image to your account.  The Image Properties dialog window that will open lets you set configuration options that define image source, its size, display properties, or other advanced properties.  Image Info The Image […]

Whitelisting eMail Networks IP Addresses

Whitelisting IP Addresses for Internal Delivery Success What is whitelisting? Whitelisting is the process of configuring a spam filter to exempt certain email messages from being filtered or rejected. In this case, it means configuring your own corporate email server in such a way that important email campaigns you send via eMail Networks  don’t end […]

Avoid Your Emails Being Marked as SPAM

Avoid Your Emails Being Marked as SPAM Here are some industry tips and best practices to avoid content spam filters. Spam filters seldom disclose why your email passed or failed. They do this to ensure that spammers don’t determine their defense techniques. There is typically not one simple change in order to let your email […]

Best Email Marketing Practice of the Day by eMail Networks

Forward to a Friend: One way to increase your email database size is to include text and graphic links to your eMail Networks White Cloud “Forward to a Friend” functionality.  This will allow your subscribers to easily “share” your email with friends nd associates You can find the dynamically insert them into your emails.  We […]

SalesForce Integration with eMail Networks White Cloud

eMail Networks Integration with Salesforce Yes, you can integrate your Salsforce Portal with your eMail Networks Portal Our Email Marketing platform creates a seamless bridge between Salesforce and your email marketing activities. Want to simplify the task of sending mass email campaigns to leads in Salesforce? Are you tired of manually exporting and importing between […]

Mobile Email … Is it the right time for your organization?

There is much email industry discussion about whether to design and send a mobile version of your email. Our eMail Networks’ White Cloud technology allows users to easily create and send a mobile version.  We offer free consulting to help your organization determine if a mobile version is right for you at this time? Our […]

Email Template Tip from the Email Marketing Experts

Please help! (from a client) – My images in the editor preview look fine but when they arrive in my inbox they are blown up and they distort the rest of my newsletter. Is it something in the tables of my template layout? Thanks for your help! Response from eMN Team – Hi Client, I […]